10 Best Apps to See Who Views Your Instagram Profile

Instagram is the most popular social media app and people are obsessed with it. From the sudden hike in lifestyle and beauty bloggers to crazy trends and fashion fads by Instagram models and also personal art and online business accounts, it’s no wonder that Instagram is such a versatile social media platform.

With Instagram having gained so much popularity, it is no wonder that people spend so much time creating, updating, and maintaining their profiles and feeds. People are obsessed with the number of likes and views on their stories, posts & profiles. There are a few great apps to check and track who views your Instagram profile and how many times they view them.

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How to See Your Instagram Views:

Our guide on how to see your Instagram views using apps to see who stalks your Instagram, will be highly helpful if you are obsessed with keeping track of your profile visitors. Although it is not believable that such apps can exist, it is completely possible to see who views your Instagram profile.

This way you can know the people who visit your profile the most whether its friends, enemies, or unknown people who you might think are stalking you on Instagram. The following content will give you direction on how to see your Instagram views on your profile.

Methods to find out who viewed your Instagram:

Nowadays, there are a lot of apps that can help you see who has viewed your Instagram profile. By installing and using these apps you can track your followers as well as anyone else who views your profile. You can use these apps to see who stalks your Instagram. The best thing is that all these apps are free!

Here are the following apps you can use to track your views:

1. Follower Insight for Instagram

Using the app ‘Follower Insight for Instagram’, you’ll receive notification for all activities done on your account. Whether someone views your accounts, follows you, unfollows you, or even blocks you! Each time any those actions is done, you get a notification. The best thing about this app is that it is very easy to use, has a user-friendly interface that isn’t complicated, and helps you track your profile viewers easily.

2. Follower Analyzer for Instagram App

If you are interested in knowing who checks your Instagram profile, stories, video or posts, if you wish to know:

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then this app might be the one for you. It works on Android and iOS both. It is easy to use and just requires you to register with an account and you are all set to go! It keeps a track of everyone interested in your profile and posts.

3. Followers Insight for Instagram, Tracker, Analyzer App

This app keeps a track of your views by sending push notification any time someone views you profile, video or story. It is a very useful app for keeping track of your stalkers.

4. Follower Analyzer for Instagram – Follower Tracker

This is another great app for app to see who views your Instagram videos and other content. You should definitely try these if you are interested in tracking your views. The app even generates reports that you can view.

5. Insights for Instagram ✔Followers ✔Stories

You can rely on this app to give you insights on who views your stories, post, videos, and your Instagram profile and keep a track of all these people.

6. FollowMeter for Instagram

This app keeps a track of and manages Instagram followers as well as unfollowers who view your profile. This is one of the most highly used Instagram tracking apps with over 3 million users.

7. Visitors Pro App

Visitors Pro App calculates your stalkers and gives accurate results on who has visited your profile and viewed it. It also lets you know who has viewed and is interested in your pictures and stories.

8. Ig Analyzer: Follower Analysis App

This app sends you notifications on who views your profile, images and videos and other content on your Instagram account.

It is wonderful to see who views your Instagram account with this app.? Yes it is!

9. SocialView for Instagram App

This is another free app with an easy to use interface that you can use for tracking the activity on your profile like views on profile, images, and stories.

10. SocialPlus App

This is one of the most accurate apps to see who views your Instagram profile and has very good reviews. You can easily find out who your stalkers are and stalk them in return! This app is a must try if you want to keep track of views on your profile as well as other content you upload It is believed to be quite accurate in terms of the results it produces.