5G – How Much Time Will You Save Using a 5G Service?

We have heard about the 5G service for so long. It feels amazing to know about the technology, which is one hundred times faster than 4G technology with zero to no latency and the ability to connect with unlimited devices at the same time.

It all looks surprising and amazing. In fact, most mobile manufacturing companies have launched mobile devices that support the 5G service. Some of those smartphone devices include iPhone 13 and some Nokia devices.

But the question raises is how much speed will 5G offer to people? Is it going to save plenty of our time on day-to-day Internet-related activities? Well, that all depends on how many devices you are planning to connect to your network and for which activities you are going to use the service.

How Much Fast is 5G?

5G or fifth-generation technology will have the ability to provide the maximum internet speed of up to 10 Gbps, which is a lot more than the 4G internet service, which only goes up to 100Mbps.

Even most of the Internet service providers are providing Internet speed up to 940 Mbps to their customers. Most people who are using one of the Spectrum Internet Deals are able to enjoy the perks of 1Gbps Internet. However, 4G users can only enjoy up to 100 Mbps.

The estimated 5G speed explains that it is going to be 100 times faster than the 4G service on devices with the 5G service compatibility. Moreover, 5G technology also promises to offer you a fifth of the latency of 4G, which means that your Internet-related activities will take less time to load.

What Speed Can You Expect From 5G?

The following examples shall make you understand the speed of 5G technology:

  • Music

You will be able to download the entire Folklore album of Taylor Swift immediately vs. 15 seconds with 4G.

  • Movies

You will be able to download all Twilight saga parts (all five movies) in 5 seconds vs. 6 mins and 52 sec with 4G.

  • TV

You will be able to download the whole Breaking Bad Tv series in 2 min 46 sec vs.3hrs 42mins with 4G.

  • Gaming

You will be able to download Grand Theft Auto and other games immediately vs. 15 sec with 4G.

However, the exact Internet speed of 5G technology will highly depend on your Internet service provider. It is possible that there will be some difference in speed between the two or more different Internet service providers.

How Does 5G Technology Works?

Believe it or not, the experts didn’t invent the 5G technology from the scrap. Instead, they have actually taken advantage of millimeter waves on a new band of already existing 4G radio waves or spectrum.

The 5G technology will use the advantage of millimeter waves broadcasting at frequencies between 30 to 300 GHz, unlike 4G, which typically operates on millimeter waves broadcasting below 6 GHz.

The one drawback of this technology is that the millimeter waves don’t travel well through the buildings and walls, or you can say that their penetration power is far less than the 4G waves. For that purpose, the experts have suggested using different and multiple 5G base stations to provide greater coverage to people.

The massive MIMO is the technology that shall be incorporated in your 5G router to extend the coverage area to the different corners of your home.

When Will 5G Come To the USA?

Most of the mobile service providers like Verizon, T-Mobile, AT&T have already begun developments on the 5G technology in different areas of the country.

However, you should be patient for like 5 years to finally get your hands on the 5G technology because it will require a massive infrastructure to be built.

It has been estimated that almost 50% of America’s population will get access to 5G technology by the end of the year 2025. However, with the fast and frequent changes in technology, it is possible that 100% of America’s population may get 5G technology by the end of 2025.

The Bottom Line

The recent changes and rapid increase in technology have proved that the day is not far when we all will be able to get access to 5G technology. You will be able to download large files within seconds or even milliseconds.

However, some caveats of 5G technology are still under consideration, like coverage issues, which is one of the major problems that can be resolved before its final release for the general public.

If you have any queries relating to 5G Internet, feel free to leave a message or share your thoughts about the 5G technology!