Art Dubai 2021: Everything You Need to Know About Its Return

The art culture in the city of gold has been steadily gaining momentum- all thanks to the efforts made by the Dubai Culture and Arts Authority, aka Dubai Culture. There is a thrilling lineup of art events in Dubai associated with film, designs, sculpting, music, and other contemporary art forms.

As the pandemic engulfed the world, many eminent platforms changed the dates of their art fair. One of these is Art Dubai that has recently announced its return for 2021. In order to shed light on Dubai’s rich artistic culture, it has unearthed the line-up for the fair and introduced a new artist-led program to stun the emirate.


The 14th edition of the long-standing art event will be held in March 2021. Lasting four days, from March 17-20 at Madinat Jumeirah, the visitors will be able to witness the new initiative comprising artworks from 85 galleries spread across 36 countries.

Ranking as one of the first major events, this Dubai Art Fair 2021 will be the first to be held physically in the emirate since the outbreak of COVID-19. Furthermore, it will overlap with the UAE’s golden jubilee celebrations for its 50th anniversary.

Introduction of New Schemes

There is an introduction of a new artist-led scheme in Art Dubai. In this, people will witness talented artists designing and guiding the fair with numerous site-specific experiences and live art happenings occurring across the globe.

The new live experiences initiative will allow the individuals to get a deeper insight into the artist’s views and perspective. Moreover, they will also be able to explore new ways of viewing and engaging with art.

Pablo del Val, a renown artistic director of Art Dubai, reported that their team is highly obliged for the lasting support for their exhibiting galleries and the trust people have placed throughout the last year. They firmly believe that physical events are one of the greatest means to bring all the societies together. And as this event is going to be held in the first quarter of 2021, there is an exclusive opportunity for the visitors to explore, learn and re-engage with the international art world.

Art Dubai 2021 Gallery List

Visitors, hoping to attend the fair in March, can explore the various interpretations of perspectives with the help of three main sections; Art Dubai Contemporary, Art Dubai Modern, and Bawwaba.


Showcasing galleries from across the world, Art Dubai Contemporary varies from emerging art scenes to established centres. It is also presenting solo and group shows, thus featuring new global perspectives to assist in cultivating a culture of discovery.


Curated by Sam Bardaouil and Till Fellrath, Art Dubai Modern offers solo presentations by modern masters from the MENA and MESA regions. Demonstrating exceptional works by 20th and 21st century artists working in specific geo-historical contexts, the purpose of this section is to explore new narratives and links associated with exhibited presentations.


It is administered by Nancy Adajania. Bawwaba, meaning ‘gateway’ in Arabic, serves as a means to portray the work discovered in the past year or made explicitly for the fair. It is also offering the visitors an in-depth portrayal of current artistic development from diverse global hubs of trade, culture, and art.

Amenities & Facilities

Art Dubai’s dedicated Travel Team will be offering the following amenities and facilities related to travel and health

  • Advice on PCR tests requirements
  • Transport options
  • Hotel bookings
  • Country specific travel regulations
  • Home Check-in
  • Baggage Collection & Disinfection services

The emirate will become a performance ground, featuring numerous art galleries in Dubai. It will also enable the collectors to decipher new parts of Dubai through the eyes of artists. Since Art Dubai is an opportunity to celebrate art in the region and beyond, people can’t wait for its return in 2021.

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