How to best use psychology apps to deal with COVID-19

The world has been gripped by the pandemic that is COVID-19. With each passing day, we see infections rising and countries going into lockdown. While no one knows when normalcy will come back, one thing is certain – the post-COVID-19 world is going to be different.

Of all the things affected by health, finances, business, etc. the most important thing that got affected is our psychological health and emotional wellness. We do not know how to deal with our own emotions in such an extreme event. We have not had to cope with this huge amount of anxiety and depression before. The truth is everyone is facing it and everyone is experiencing it on some or the other level.

The most common things that people are facing are:

  • Anxiety due to the unknown. No one knows when things will come back to normal. That is causing massive anxiety in people. The anxiety is also related to work and finances as many people have been laid off or facing salary cuts etc. Anxiety overall has seen an exponential surge in the entire world.
  • Stress due to handling work, relationships all while being locked inside your house. The inability to go out and de-stress as you would normally be adding to the severity of the stress. The stress is causing physical symptoms like headaches, inability to sleep, overeating, etc. People with heart ailments are facing a bigger risk due to this increased stress. 
  • Depression is rising because of job loss, problems in relationships, and business closure. What is also causing depression is loneliness because of the inability to spend time with your friends and colleagues outside. The fact that you have to stay with your own thoughts and emotions for so long is causing a spike in depression. 
  • Relationship problems especially inside the family are on the rise. For spouses, the frequency of arguments is increasing and similarly, in a bigger family or a joint family, the acrimony is increasing due to rising tensions, lower resiliency towards stress and anxiety. This is triggering cracks in relationships. 

It’s evident that the psychological impact of the pandemic is far reaching and profound. The need of the hour is to address this. The best way right now to address this is by sitting at home itself by making use of psychology apps, therapy apps, and mental health apps. Thankfully, there are a lot of options when it comes to these platforms. Without spending too much time or money you can easily improve and address your psychological health. There are different things you can do in these apps like:

  • Get professional therapy
  • Relax using content
  • Interact using in-app engagement, AI, etc.
  • Undertake customized programs

Different apps provide different value propositions. We list out some of the best psychology apps and therapy apps that you can use to handle your stress, anxiety, depression, etc. 

Aurum :

Aurum one of the best psychology app and therapy apps right now. They have their own unique programs for common problems like daily life stress, anxiety, and so on. The programs are backed by research and are primarily using CBT for the modules. They also have a good number of therapists who have far-ranging expertise for different kinds of issues. The experience of therapy is wonderful and all this at probably the most affordable prices you will find anywhere right now. This makes it a stand out app to use.


One of the more popular guided audio apps. They have a very big and well-curated library of guided audio activities and especially useful for sleep and relaxation. It’s easy to use and simple app to use. For people who like to rely solely on audio for relaxation, it’s a great choice. They don’t have any real-life coaches or therapists though. They are more focused on audio content and lead in that area.

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7 cups:

It has a platform where you can connect with a listener who will listen to you and offer you support without judgment. They have real-life people who act as listeners and you are paired with a listener when you sign up for talking. It’s a good place to vent out your thoughts however do note they are not professionals to give you advice.


With over a few thousand trained, experienced, and accredited counselors covering a range of areas – from depression and anxiety to family and couples therapy –, you can rely on this app for getting professional therapy. 


It’s an online therapy app wherein you can sign up and connect with a professional therapist over chat, audio, or video. There is no need to go and visit a therapist now you can just connect with one over this platform. 

As seen here there are plenty of options for everyone to choose from. The availability of multiple options makes it easier for you to pick one which suits you best. The end goal should be your emotional and mental wellness.