China: Harmony OS Powered New Smart Glasses Launched by Huawei

The latest offering from Huawei boasts a detachable front frame design. It is designed to support the connection of two devices simultaneously.

Taking a giant step in the world of technology, Huawei has launched new smart glasses. This latest pair is powered by Harmony OS. However, the best part is the detachable front frame design and its ability to support the connection of two devices at the same time. It is currently available in two variants; dark lenses and clear lenses.

Launched in China, it is termed as Huawei Smart Glass. It is available in three frame types to cater to the needs of different users. These frame types are; classic, retro round frame, and stylish pilot. They are available in a range of color options.

New Smart Glasses Launched by Huawei

Huawei Smart Glass also comes with ultra-thin large-amplitude (128mm) stereo speakers that support hands-free calling and allow users to enjoy music streaming on the go. This new pair of smart glasses also has an advanced inverse sound field acoustic system. It serves the function of reducing sound leakage and outdoor sound pickup. The result is a crystal clear sound that won’t disturb others around you.

When it comes to battery timing, Huawei Smart Glass can last for a maximum of 16 hours. It offers 6 hours of music playback and 4.5 hours of walk time. There’s also a wired magnetic charging system that offers real-time alerts. The device is IPX 4 rated for splash and sweat resistance, making it safe to wear even during the scorching heat.

The one-key setting of Huawei Smart Glass enables two devices to connect simultaneously. It also allows the user to switch between the two devices instantly. The touch controls of the device help users to toggle music settings and take/reject phone calls. You can also switch audio lanes easily. It is as simple as a flick of your finger.

Another outstanding feature of Huawei Smart Glass is cervical spine health function. As per this functionality, the device’s sensors check for bad posture at all times. Due to the availability of this function, the duration of the wearer’s head hanging is tracked, and they are provided with an early warning to prevent spine health risks.