25 best CouchTuner Alternatives That Actually Work in 2023

If Couchtuner is down and you want to keep watching your favorite tv shows and movies, well there is no need to worry. This article will give you 25 of the best couchtuner alternatives.

After a long tiring day at work, we all want to do nothing except just lay down and watch TV. This way we can relax our minds and enjoy the moment. Consuming entertainment is just as important as work. This keeps our minds refreshed and we stay ready for what’s coming the next day.

The majority of the people would come home and turn on their TV to watch their favorite shows. But the thing is, if you arrive home late, you might miss your favorite Tv show’s episodes. Or you might not feel much comfortable and cozy while watching tv.

Netflix, on the other hand, charges a monthly fee so you can access your favorite programs. it is not always the case that you get to spend enough time on Netflix and watch all the content. So sometimes the monthly subscription fees you pay go to waste.

This is the reason that many people prefer using video streaming sites like couchtuner. Today, there are many online streaming sites that let you watch your favorite tv shows and movies for free.

Some of them are not as good whereas others are great. In this article, we have gathered a list of some of the best couchtuner alternatives.

About CoachTuner

CouchTuner is a free streaming content platform that offers various services. Couchtuner provides users access to extensive collections of films and television series without the need for registrations or purchases from the website. CouchTuner also contains several different types of material such as TV shows and animation. As a result, there was an increasing interest in video streaming sites.

To watch shows on couchtuner, all you need is a reliable internet connection. You can just open the website and search for whatever movie you want to watch. That’s about it, start watching.

Unfortunately, couchtuner doesn’t have a good reputation in the media and entertainment sectors as it shows prated content. It means that sometimes or in some areas you won’t be able to access couchtuner. If you click on the link to the couchtuner website that it will take you to an error landing page alerting you that you are not allowed to access this page.

Top 25 CouchTuner Alternatives

Even though the real couchtuner is down, I am now going to show you some of the best alternatives to couchtuner that I have personally tested. You can watch all your desired movies and tv shows on these streaming sites. Read this couchtuner alternatives list below:

1. Soap2day


soap2day screenshot

Ok so at number one, as one of the top Couchtuner alternatives, we have Soap2day. Soap2day is the most well-known streaming site for watching movies and tv shows. Finding the newest and most popular material is quite simple because of its excellently designed interface. All genres of television shows and films are listed on Soap2day. 

Soap 2 Day doesn’t keep any files. The content available on Soap2day is supplied by outside sources. Another great thing about soap2day is that you can request content that isn’t already available on the website. So Soap2day is one of the greatest couchtuner alternatives for streaming movies and tv series.

2. Watch Series


Watch Series

Watch Series is another excellent substitute for CouchTuner if you enjoy viewing drama, anime, TV series, and movies. There are countless series and episodes from some of the most well-known TV dramas and animation programs available on TheWatchSeries. You may gain access to new movies or the latest episodes.

Amazing thing is that this website offers a high-definition stream of many TV shows and anime. As a result, you may enjoy watching your favorite programs in the highest resolution possible without missing a single detail. Online content streaming sites like these also offer free movie downloads. 

To join the community, you may create an account on the website or simply log in using your Facebook account. With the use of a search box on the internet, you may even look up your favorite television show or movie.

Finally, the website will provide you with unrivaled amusement. Additionally, you can subscribe to your preferred streams so that you never miss an episode again. Therefore, you should definitely consider trying out this website if you are looking for free couchtuner alternatives.

3. Prime Wire


prime wire

At number 3 we have Prime Wire which is a superb streaming client for streaming tv shows and movies. There are many free movies in this streaming service’s database.

The best feature is that you may view your favorite movie without creating an account. You may simply go to the website, choose your preferred title, and begin viewing it there.

This streaming site also offers books from various countries. You can also find books in many genres and languages available on Prime Wire. You can organize them depending on the topic or search for your favorite movie.

4. Flixtor



Another great video streaming platform is flixtor. There is no requirement for registration on this website. You won’t need to provide any of your private information. You can start binge-watch movies or any of your favorite shows, as soon as the site loads.

The lack of any ads on the platform is one of the best features of this website. Having said that, you can be confident that you will be able to watch movies without interruption.

But you can make an account if you want to feel at home on the website and have access to many more options, like the ability to make a playlist for your favorite episodes and share it with your loved ones.

5. PopcornFlix


Popcorn Flix

Popcorn flix is more advanced than any other couchtuner substitute. Popcorn flix can not only be watched on the website but is also downloadable.

Popcornflix is accessible on both iOS and Android devices. As a result, you can simply download it and begin watching your preferred movies and television series on your mobile devices.

PopcornFlix categorizes movies by genre. To watch movies, you can simply choose your preferred genre, and a huge list of all the films in that genre will be shown. For instance, simply choose the action genre if you want to watch action movies.

6. Netflix



A video streaming website that we are all familiar with is Netflix. Netflix is one of the most famous video streaming sites and it is the root of all streaming sites. On Netflix, you can watch tv series and movies from all categories. All the newly released movies are always available on Netflix first. Netflix is not free. You will need to buy a Netflix subscription to begin streaming your favorite content.

Netflix has a great user interface. Netflix allows you to watch all the movies and tv shows in HD quality. Another great thing about Netflix is that there are no popups whatsoever. So you will always get high-quality content without any pop-ups or ads. Your favorite tv show will always be available on Netflix in high quality.

7. Amazon Prime


amazon prime
amazon prime

Amazon Prime Video is another famous video streaming platform featuring a lot of famous titles like Peaky Blinders, Lord of the Rings, etc. Any show that isn’t readily available on Prime can also be rented or purchased directly from Amazon. You won’t be plagued by pop-up advertisements like you would be on websites like CouchTuner, and the user experience is excellent.

But amazon prime is not accessible everywhere, just like HBO Max. You will therefore require a VPN to access it in some areas.

8. Einthusan



Einthusan is an online service that offers movies in Telugu, Malayalam, Tamil, Hindi, Kannada, Bengali, Marathi, Punjabi, and even Chinese. South Asians can have access to a collection of more than 5000 lawfully licensed movies on this website.

The website was launched in April 2011 and it offers both a premium membership option and a free mode. This site is a benefit for movie lovers because of all these features. Just search up your favorite movie or tv series and start watching.

9. Xfinity



Through the Xfinity website, personalization is at its highest point. This website is like a binge paradise. watcher’s On this website, you can choose from more than 20 different movie genres, ranging from family to action.

Furthermore, downloading your favorite movie on your device from this website doesn’t require you to create an account.

And the best thing is there are very less advertisements. So while watching movies on this website for free, you won’t have to worry about annoying and irrelevant pop-ups.

The website has a very good user interface. It features a separate section for music news where you can learn about the most recent developments in the film industry. Also, these daily updates make you aware of all the most recent news.

10. Just Watch



Next on this list is Just Watch, which is an extremely useful alternative to CouchTuner. The free streaming and downloading services on this website are always of the highest caliber.

This website offers you a huge content library of films with an incredibly simple user interface. Additionally, this service allows you to view any television program from anywhere in the world for completely free.

On this website, you get a nicely organized and huge collection of movies and Tv shows. As a result, searching through the thousands of titles posted on the internet to find your favorite movie or television show won’t be an issue for you.

11. Tubi TV


tubi tv

For the primary aim of viewing free movies, Tubi TV is a well-built website. The user interface of this website is well-optimized which makes it very easy to navigate. This makes it simple for you to search the website for the content you want.

You can also download all the content on this website for free. To utilize this website, though, all you have to do is sign up for an account. After signing up, you can access the incredible information on this website without seeing any ads.

The website offers a tonne of stuff in many different genres. You can view whatever movie you like, for instance, from genres like comedy, action, horror, etc. In addition to popularity and release date, you can categorize the content as well.

12. Crave



Crave is one of the most well-known alternatives to couchtuner. This streaming client website is primarily designed to watch television programs from around the globe in a wider range of languages and genres. So it is very simple to watch any favorite movies and tv shows on this platform.

Nearly, all of the popular shows are available on this website. There is no delay in the upload of any of the episodes. As soon as a new episode of your favorite television program is out, you can catch up.

Also, the streaming quality on this website is very high compared to other free streaming sites. For the best experience, the website offers streaming in high definition. So, be sure to give Crave a try if you want to watch shows of high quality.

13. RainerLand



Nothing can match Rainierland’s fundamental strength when it comes to producing high-quality material. The only goal of this website is to give you 100% free access to incredibly high-quality stuff. You can watch your favorite movies on this website in the highest possible quality.

The website offers both films and TV series. The movie selection also includes both recent blockbusters and timeless classics. As a result, it’s easy to find your favorite movies on this website.  Regarding television programs, the website provides a fantastic collection of episodes from a variety of international television programs. Additionally, the episodes are immediately uploaded after they air on television, allowing you to rapidly catch up with your favorite series.

None of the website’s material is streamed independently. Instead, it gives you access to direct streams so you can watch your movies and TV episodes directly from the source without having to deal with any commercials or notifications.

14. Watch Episode


Watch Episode

Another well-known alternative to Couchtuner is Watch Episode. This website offers a sizable database with numerous titles from numerous genres. It offers users a larger degree of customization options.

Additionally, using the website’s navigation is a piece of cake. Without having to go through the entire internet, you may instantly find the movie or TV series you’re looking for. To make it easy for you to find your favorite show, every title has been carefully categorized and sorted.

The website updates the most recent episodes of all your favorite TV shows and series as soon as they are released so you can always catch up with your favorite episodes.

15. Couch Tuner Hub


Couch Tuner Hub

As the name implies, Couch Tuner Hub is yet another way to watch your favorite films and television series in addition to Couchtuner.

Couchtuner and this website’s functions are very comparable. As a result, even if you’ve been a long-time user of couchtuner before, you won’t feel strange using it. You may find a fantastic selection of movies and television shows on this website.

You can search for a movie on the search bar or you can scroll through the pre-existing movies list in different genres. So couchtuner hub should definitely be on your list of best couchtuner alternatives.

16. Café Movie


Café Movie

Through its unmatched services, cafémovie offers you many hours of enjoyment. Many people utilize it to choose their favorite movies, making it one of the most well-liked alternatives to Couchtuner.

Additionally, every book is organized so that a user never has trouble locating their preferred title among the sea of others. You can access a lot of stuff all together in one platform with this site.

You can also search for different types of content based on its genre and language. So you can also watch content in your native language on this website.

17. Vid Strum


This website is also an amazing alternative for television drama content. Vidstrum is on the list of couchtuner alternatives since it has been well-examined. Users get access to a load of free content libraries.

Vid Strum has a very user-friendly interface. Additionally, the consistency of adverts is maintained low so that you can enjoy your material free from obtrusive pop-ups and ads.

Additionally, this website’s streaming of movies and TV episodes is not subject to any regional or geographical restrictions. As a result, regardless of the subject matter or location, you may always watch all the films and television programs from across the globe.

Regarding quality, this website also promotes independent streaming services and merely serves as a connection between the customer and the user. But this website is quite selective in its content suggestions and makes sure to display the content of the highest caliber possible.

18. TV Muse


TV Muse

TV Muse contains incredibly varied content that ensures all visitors are happy. This website has everything from news to animations.

Every title and piece of content that is updated on this website is available for free download at all times. To download movies from the website, you don’t even need to create an account. You won’t face any problems with this website’s UI or navigating through it. Because its UI is very simple and well-organized.

19. Vudu



Vudu’s programming has seen significant modification since the service’s inception. But there are many interesting movies and TV shows in the content library today. Users can watch free movies. Additionally, Vudu offers its users the option to subscribe and receive a monthly selection of free media in addition to the option to buy or rent certain films or TV shows.

Most significantly, thanks to a collaboration between Vudu and Disney, Black Widow is now available to stream on Vudu for a fee. Vudu is another great couchtuner alternative.

20. HBO Max



You can watch Game of Thrones, The Sopranos, or Lord of the Rings without having to buy them separately or access a number of various streaming services because HBO Max has all HBO titles under one streaming site.

The availability of HBO Max is the sole potential drawback. Only US citizens or those who use a VPN to change their IP address to one located in the US are able to access it.

Even in that scenario, paying for HBO Max without a US credit card will be challenging. HBO Go, which is easily accessible in many other regions, is thus a suitable substitute for HBO Max. Although less varied, its content library is nonetheless respectable. Plus, HBO Go subscriptions are considerably less expensive.

21. Yo Movies


Yo Movies

If you enjoy Bollywood films, YoMovies is a fantastic option. According to what we’ve seen, it is a popular free streaming site that has the most Bollywood movies available. Not to mention that all Hollywood films are subtitled in Hindi and typically include the most recent releases. If you don’t want to watch content like this then don’t worry because on our list we have YoMoves.

YoMovies is a good place to watch movies and TV shows of various genres because it also includes a sizable selection of undubbed western titles.

Pop-up advertising is regrettably a very bothersome drawback of YoMovies. For aficionados of Bollywood in particular, it’s still a fantastic CouchTuner substitute, but be prepared to close numerous advertisements.

22. Zmovies



Zmovies is also a very good alternative to couchtuner unblocked. Despite the fact that the tags undoubtedly clutter the UI, they are handy for organizing movies and TV series. You can search for any type of movie by going to categories and selecting the genre.

When you’re unsure of what you want to watch, Zmovies are the ideal CouchTuner substitute. You can browse their content library using a variety of different criteria.

23. Moviesjoy



The UI of MoviesJoy is very straightforward. Although it’s simple to use, you do give up certain customizing possibilities compared to its rivals. MoviesJoy’s content library is outstanding. Any movie that you can think of is available on it.

Sadly, users must endure a lot of advertising in addition to the fact that the content is unauthorized. On MoviesJoy, pop-ups and banner adverts are frequent, which can slightly lessen your experience. However, you can use an adblocker or a pop-up blocker to get rid of all ads and enjoy your favorite shows in peace. After using an ad blocker and a popup blocker, you can call movies joy one of the great free streaming sites.

24. SolarMovie



New SolarMovie checks all the right boxes, despite the fact that its UI might not be as tidy as those of other CouchTuner options. On SolarMovie, you may find a tonne of films and TV shows, including both old favorites and the most recent releases. In addition, users can sort movies and TV shows by genre, nation, or IMDb rating.

Another great thing about Solar movie is that there are no advertisements in SolarMovie. Fair enough, they occasionally do display unobtrusive banner advertising. Pop-up advertisements are absent, and even banner ads only occasionally appear. The website didn’t display any adverts at all while we were testing it.

25. Putlocker



The commercials on Putlocker can be a little intrusive. Putlocker has a vast library that includes both TV episodes and films from all around the world. Additionally, they have a robust classification scheme. You can search for movies and television shows alphabetically, by country, or using IMDb roundups.

Even the media player itself is quite good. Additionally, each title has a variety of servers with varying quality. A tiny player will keep streaming the program or movie you’re watching in picture-in-picture mode as you browse down the page.

These were about all the best couchtuner alternatives that I gathered up and tested for you. With a stable internet connection, you can watch content on any of the above-listed websites

Is Couch Tuner legal?

Because CouchTunner is a pirated streaming site, it may seem like it isn’t legally allowed. That is right. CouchTuner does not own copyrights if it copies content from another website. Even attempting to watch pirated material is illegal.

As a consequence, Couchtuner’s domain had been closed and it expanded into various sub-domains. The most popular CouchTuner mirror sites are couchtuner guru, 1 couchtuner xyz, and couchtuner 123, however, there is no couchtuner sports to watch any sports events.

How can I access CouchTuner mirror sites?

CouchTuner streams free movie content with illegal downloads, and in turn targets your internet providers and government agencies. When watching free films online, I use Virtual Private Networks (VPN), which help secure our online identities from hackers.

Please do this to avoid anonymity when you stream. This way of protection is useful because you won’t get caught. Moreover, you can also access CouchTuner mirror sites via a VPN service that is geo-locked.

If you are experiencing any other types of problems with couchtuner then you can go to couchtuner Reddit and discuss your queries there.


What is CouchTuner?

CouchTuner is a free streaming platform that offers various formats and services. The website provides users access to large collections of films and television series without the need for registrations or purchases from the website.

Is couchtuner safe?

Couchtuner is not completely safe because it has pirated content. Its websites also don’t have a safe track record.

What happened to couchtuner?

Couchtuner was shut down due to legal issues as it has pirated material but there are numerous alternative websites.

What is the new couchtuner site?

Most popular CouchTuner mirror sites are: CouchTuner.stream. Couchtunerx.co.uk. CouchTuner123.com.

How to use couchtuner?

CouchTuner streams free movie content with illegal downloads, and in turn targets your internet providers and government agencies.
When watching Free Films online, you can use Virtual Private Networks (VPN), which helps secure our online identities from hackers.
Please do this to avoid anonymity when you stream. Moreover, you can also access CouchTuner mirror sites via a VPN service that is geo-locked.

Is couchtuner legal?

Because CouchTunner is a pirate website, it may seem like it isn’t legally allowed. CouchTuner does not own copyrights if it copies content from another website.
In consequence, Couchtuners domain had been closed and it expanded into various sub-domains. Even attempting to watch pirated material is illegal.

Is couchtuner free?

Yes, couchtuner websites and alternatives are totally free.

Why is the couchtuner not working?

The official Couchtuner website is not working because it has pirated content and for that reason, it has been closed.

What are the best free streaming sites?

The best free streaming sites are crackle, stream2warch, 123movies, Fmovies, etc.

Where can I watch TV Shows for free?

There are many free streaming sites that can give you access to all kinds of content. Most of them have pop-ups and ads.


Couchtuner is a free video streaming website that provides users access to extensive collections of films and television series without the need for registrations or purchases from the website. Couchtuner wasn’t legally allowed so its domain was closed and it expanded into sub-domains that people didn’t trust so they want alternative websites. In this article, I’ve given you the best alternatives to couchtuner.

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