How to Generate Leads for Real Estate in Dubai? 

In recent years, the real estate market has grown at an incredible rate, particularly in Dubai. People all over the world want to get their hands on a property that has immediate value and a positive return on investment.

The UAE government’s recent visa modifications, aimed at stimulating regional businesses and putting Dubai at the forefront of investor interests, are also a testament to the rapid expansion.

Real estate has grown by 11.4 percent since 2008, providing a tremendous chance for real estate brokers to sell to even more consumers. Millennials will soon account for more than a third of the property market, and only 1% of those millennials did not seek a home online.

The internet has permanently transformed how brokers generate leads for real estate, and if you didn’t optimize your website for lead creation, you’re way behind the curve.

There’s no disputing that many individuals want to buy property in Dubai, but having contacts with those who are eager to invest is equally priceless. Continue reading to see how businesses in Dubai can generate leads for real estate.

Have a well-designed, user-friendly website

You will need a web design in Dubai that clearly presents your offer if you want to generate leads for real estate. It must also be search engine-friendly and smartphone friendly.

Google has begun to penalize websites that do not satisfy certain criteria, and this has a detrimental influence on search results. Also, make sure that the content and listings on the website are updated on a routine basis.


Only ten slots are available on the first page of search results and the first result will be clicked by 33% of those searching. 18% will go one step further and select the second option. The fewer clicks there are the further down the page you go, only 4.4 percent click on the sixth result.

That is why every company strives to be the best. The lower you go, the more difficult it becomes to attract clicks from your target market. Utilizing SEO Dubai services will help you find the best keywords to target and use them carefully in your content to acquire the clients you want.

Implement a call to action or call back widget

Imagine you have a fantastic website, your social media is on point, your blog contains useful information about the real estate market, and you are producing a consistent stream of web traffic and interest.

The majority of the hard work is done, but a callback solution captures your leads’ attention and delivers them a quick callback dialogue. Users enter their contact information, and one of your representatives calls them back immediately in seconds, helping you generate valuable leads for real estate.

Optimize content for mobile 

Industry professionals frequently invest a significant amount of time and money ensuring that their website is clean and easy to use only to fail to test it on a phone or tablet. Because mobile searches have eclipsed desktop searches, it’s more crucial than ever your website is mobile-friendly.

Google is even penalizing websites that do not have mobile-friendly layouts. Make the change. Not just to keep your website safe from Google, but also to amaze clients who only see your brand on their phones. Aim for the same objectives as your regular website, clear content, appealing design, and user-friendly functionality.

Create more video content

If seeing is believing, then showcasing the amazing attributes of your properties is a proven method to convert customers and there’s no better method to do so than with video. Your potential consumers can take a tour of your properties using videos.

Your material will engage them, but more significantly, it will drive them to contact you for further information. A video is much more than a flashy technique to advertise a home. An online video attracts 33 percent of leads on average. Video marketing is a terrific approach to raising interest in your property if you want a more appealing way to communicate with your target market.

Update blogs regularly

It’s no longer optional to use content marketing. In the long run, it’s a must to generate an endless stream of leads. According to current estimates, there are over 440 million blogs in the world, with many of them devoted to growth marketing.

However, this should not prevent you from making one. Today’s users are constantly on the lookout for high-quality, helpful material that actually makes a difference. Blogging is an excellent technique to attract people who are looking for useful information about real estate or investments. It’s also an element of your lead generation funnel. Prepare relevant content for your buyer personas that addresses the most important topics.

Create a newsletter

A newsletter is an excellent approach to keeping your name in front of potential customers. Real estate news, new listings, and ideas for dealing with common homeowner issues, such as winterizing your property, can all be found in newsletters.

If your leads live in cities, a newsletter is extremely valuable. If you’re not paying close attention in a city like Dubai, it’s easy to overlook important occurrences. It’s also a great way to keep subscribers up to date with the latest events and news in their area.

Invest in PPC campaigns

Running targeted PPC advertising to create additional leads might also be beneficial. Both Facebook and Google Ads have advanced targeting choices based on intent/interest.

Make sure your homepage is mobile-friendly and clearly displays the ad’s value. A winning recipe for real estate lead generation involves well-written material, precise targeting, and a well-designed landing page.

Be active on social media

After you have your website in order, the next phase is to drive visitors to it. It is a good idea to hire good social media marketing services in Dubai. Invest both time and money into optimizing your Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram accounts. Post material that is intriguing and relevant to your buyer persona.

Don’t be afraid to experiment with various types of material. Even LinkedIn has the potential to be an amazing outreach channel.  Instagram stories are now quite popular – the platform has developed dramatically in recent years, and companies have adjusted their strategies to meet user needs.


You won’t have a network when you first start out as a real estate agent.  As a result, it is up to you to create one. Don’t bother to call for referrals as soon as you start dealing with consumers. Encourage them to tell others about you by making it simple and beneficial for them to do so. Word-of-mouth advertising, whether to friends, family, or coworkers, is extremely effective. People are much more likely to trust personal recommendations than an anonymous online review.