How to Make Sure Your Property Is Ready for Viewing?

Making sure that your property is in the ideal condition to be put out in the market can be confusing for some. As someone who’s been living in the residential unit or doesn’t know much about real estate, you’ll face difficulties.

In addition to this, you’re also likely to lose money over presentation as the real estate market is all about impressions. If your flats in Balkum Thane land an impression on someone, they’re likely to buy or rent it out immediately. On the contrary, if they fail to make an impression, it can take a lot of time to sell your property or find tenants.

So, how should someone go about preparing their property for a viewing? Let’s take a look at this and try to understand what works and why:

Make the Entrance Stand Out

As stated earlier, it’s all about first impressions. The moment a tenant or buyer walks up to the front door, half their mind has already been made up.

When thinking of things to fix at the front, you need to make sure that you factor in the walkway or stairs leading up to your front door. If you have a lawn, porch or a patio, pay attention to their conditions as well. These play a crucial role in determining how your property fares in the eyes of these potential clients.

Try to decorate everything that doesn’t appear perfect in its original state. It’s understandable that you can’t vouch for all fixtures to be ideal for presentation. However, you should know that the property’s appearance will determine how low the buyers will try to negotiate. Provided that everything is in mint condition and they can’t point anything out, you have yourself the advantage in negotiations.

Those with experience or knowledge can verify how every 2 BHK flat for sale in Thane West stands out due to their exquisite appearance.

Use the Lights

Whenever someone walks into the room, it’s not about what they see first. It’s about whether they are able to see anything at all. This is something important to worry about because many people don’t present their homes in good lighting.

To understand its importance, try to imagine a dark room with faded lines appearing on walls. For all you know, the faded lines could be the most artistic mural painted on a wall by a well-reputed artist. Similarly, the colour of the lights can make the room appear very differently. Try out different colours before you decide which one lights up the room.

An interesting tactic that can help is to choose a colour that doesn’t show your room paint to be stained or dirty. Also, try to leave those corners in the dark that have ripped-off paint or seam in the walls. Instead, direct the light to a piece of furniture in the room that appears aesthetically pleasing.


This is perhaps the most difficult task for most people. Decluttering generally refers to letting go of stuff that you don’t need. When it comes to preparing your home for viewing, people often find it hard to decide what goes.

So, take a moment to organise yourself and come up with a plan to make the entire process efficient and easier. Firstly, take a couple of big baskets that will hold everything. Start with each room and glance at everything that is inside it. You’ll have to categorise each object as necessary for the room, something you’ll need later, something you won’t need at all.

Obviously, desks in studies and tables in dining rooms make sense so you won’t have to move them. Whereas, if you come up with old antiques or family’s keepsakes, small tables and chairs that don’t go with the room theme, etc. you can put them away.

Decluttering is essential because all home viewers want to look at a potential place and imagine it as theirs. It’s difficult to envisage yourself living somewhere if there are too many personal belongings of someone else in there. Moreover, if there’s too much furniture or any other form of clutter around the house, they won’t feel it’s possible to make it their own.

The Bathrooms

It’s impossible to overstate the importance of how bathrooms make or break real estate deals. A broken bathroom floor fills a person with dread and fear of rodents, unhygienic living and straight-up disgust. If a broken floor can do this much, one can only imagine what sewage problems or stained and dirty floors will do.

Not only will everything in the bathroom need to function perfectly, but it should also have adequate lighting and fixtures. In addition to this, try adding ample and organised space for toiletries and hangers. Once that is done, fix the showers, faucets, tiles and repaint if you have. Most of all, make sure that all drains are in perfect condition and that residents will have no problems with hot or cold water.

All the above-mentioned tips will help you make your home look and appear perfect. Not only will you see increased demand, but you will also be able to ask for a higher price if the house is in perfect condition.