New AirPods and iPads leaked by Target listings

Apple just might be gearing up to reveal some brand new AirPods at an event in March.

White AirPods on Green Surface.

Exciting news for Apple lovers just got leaked through Target listings. Rumours are going around about an event in March where the company could reveal its next batch of hardware. Right now, those rumours seem to indicate towards an iPhone 9, perhaps a possible follow up to the iPhone SE from 2016. But a leak over the weekend suggests that Apple is also bringing out a new pair of AirPods and a brand new iPad.

Here is how the leak happened. Multiple Target employees are reported a mysterious “Apple AirPods (X Generation)” listing, priced at $399, showing up in their systems and on UPC scanners. Some speculate that it might be Apple’s over-ear “StudioPods” headphones.

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The target employees also revealed that the listing included an “iPod Touch X generation” and a display unit “iPad10.5 X”. Industry insiders like Jon Prosser are confident that the “iPod Touch X generation” is going to be the new $400 iPhone while the “iPad 10.5 X” is most likely the new iPad Pro.

These alleged listings are the latest rumours that point to Apple unveiling brand new hardware in March. However, there’s still no official word on an event.