Top 7 Portable Outdoor Bluetooth Speakers

The best outdoor speakers of all time should tick these boxes: they are portable, durable, and must work extremely well in outdoor conditions. A portable Bluetooth speaker is always a must to turn up the vibe whether you’re on a holiday, beach, or even at your local park. Most of the speakers on our list have at least one quality that stands out, whilst providing solid performance in each one of the three categories mentioned above. So, let’s head right into it, shall we?

Sonos Roam    

For us, Sonos Roam audio tech Bluetooth speaker is hands down our best pick. Its rugged design, connectivity features, and exceptionally powerful bass make it ideal for outdoor use. However, this doesn’t mean that roam works any less indoors. Its automatic switching feature makes it easier to use indoors. However, if you are an audiophile, there might be a chance that you won’t get along with the overwhelmingly low frequencies and rhythmic handling.

Just like Sonos Move, Roam too comes with wifi connectivity along with Bluetooth. With google assistant and Alexa on board, roam can double up a smart speaker as well. The sleek finish, long battery hours, and dust/waterproof build make it an ideal pick for both indoor and outdoor usage.

Sonos Move

Believe me, when I tell you this, this speaker has the potential to be on your on-the-go party station. In fact, it’s so good that you might as well choose it as your main wireless speaker. The design is pretty standard with nothing over the top. Kind of like standard audio tech Bluetooth speakers. So, if you’re someone like me who likes stuff elegant and simple, you are definitely going to love this bad boy.

With two heavy quality drivers, a solid app, multi-room capability, powerful bass, and smart auto-tuning features that adjust the output based on the speaker’s surroundings, Move is engineered beyond your average Bluetooth capabilities. It is one hell of a solid speaker when it comes to the use outdoors. Though it is not perfect, it has an incredible sound and let me tell you this, it’s expensive, and rightfully so. So, if you can afford it, it’s hard to beat Sonos Move’s rich features.

Ultimate Ears Wonderboom 2

The third audio tech Bluetooth speaker is as euphonious as it gets. With an extremely crisp vocal reproduction and a relatively powerful bass for its size, the Wonderboom provides a satisfying amount of sound for a small area. it has an IP67 rating so you don’t have to worry about dropping the thing into the pool as it will definitely survive a 5-foot drop and a meter-deep dunk into the pool.

The only downside of the Wonderboom is its battery life which is 8 hours, a little less compared to other speakers on our list. However, if we look at it practically, that is an ample amount of time for such a small speaker to go on for. So, if you’re planning on going to a pool party or any outdoor excursion for that matter, this 4-inch sized wonder is exactly what you would want to take along..

JBL Charge 5

This 5th generation JBL is relatively basic and quite similar when compared to something like JBL Pulse 4 and, may not come as a shock for old JBL customers. However, that doesn’t change the fact that it is still one of the best audio tech Bluetooth speakers out there, in this price range. Significant changes were made to the sound quality while offering the same old all-day battery life. Physical controls are almost the same with a “party boost” button added, which turns the volume up to 11. 

The back consists of a USB A-type port which you can use to charge up your smartphone along with the waterproof type C charging port. Overall, you can say that it sounds better than you’d expect while dishing out powerful bass for a speaker of its size without compromising on the highs or lows.

JBL Flip 5

JBL’s Flip 5 proves that good Bluetooth speakers don’t always have to be the ones that have the most amount of specifications and controls. Flip comes on as a simple Bluetooth-only playback speaker with a sleek but rugged design and great sound capabilities.

The IP67 rating makes it water-resistant, so it is ideal for your pool parties and more outdoor trips. It comes in a wide range of very cool colors with an eco edition that is made from 90% recycled plastic. It isn’t too pricey, gives a great feel in hand, and looks good. So, if you’re willing to compromise hands-free functionality or voice control for exceptional sound quality, this is the pick for you.

JBL Charge 4

JBL’s star performer in the charge series has come yet again with a battery of a whopping 20 hours. JBL has truly fine-tuned this one for even picker ears, and the battery capacity has also been increased when compared to other JBL’s originals. The bass is not too great, but then again, what else can you expect from a speaker of this size. You can’t possibly ask for more in this price and you definitely wouldn’t want to, once you’ve tested the Charge.

JBL Boombox 2

You can think of it as the modern equivalent of the boombox in the ’80s with all the more powerful bass and a handle grip. With the rich and powerful sound quality, Boombox 2 is an ideal speaker for you to listen to whatever you want when you’re out on a trip or even indoors.

The IPX7 rating makes sure that the party doesn’t stop with a little rain. The boombox can connect to multiple devices at a time so you don’t have to fight over who becomes the DJ for the day. Moreover, the built-in power banks allow you to charge your devices while consequently maintaining the 24-hour battery backup, so it is safe to say that you can keep the party going for as long as you like.

When choosing a Bluetooth speaker, keep in mind the conditions you need to use it under. If you’re looking for an outdoor audio tech Bluetooth speaker, make sure that it has powerful bass, long battery backup, and water and dustproof designs. Sure, some concessions can be made for budget models but, it is crucial to take factors like such into utmost consideration.